Tournament Rounds - Peoria Handicap System

3 of the 5 rounds that we are playing will be Tournament rounds which will be handicapped under the Peoria Scoring Tournament format. This is a scoring system that is designed specifically for tournaments where the majority of players DO NOT carry a certified handicap. This will allow us to even the playing field even more than in the past, and allow people not to have to "guess" at what their average score per 18 holes may be.

Both rounds on Friday and the morning round on Saturday will be the tournament rounds. Saturday evening we crown a Big Hitters Champion! This way they can flaunt it around in front of everyone that evening and during the Sunday AM round.

Additional Rounds

Both Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning are non-tournament rounds. We play the two rounds as a four man scramble and an alternate shot round. The timing of these two rounds differs by year. The alternate shot round generally pairs up the best player from the weekend with the worst and so on. While the scramble teams are created by using the gross scores from the earlier rounds.

Lager Cup Years

Coinciding with the Ryder Cup we hold a Lager Cup event every other year. This will be run as a "tournament inside of a tournament." For all those that have played in the past, not much has changed. You will still play 3 rounds to go for the overall Big Hitters Championship for Low Gross and Low Net. However, during these 3 rounds, you will also play against someone else in your own skill level as defined by your averages. Low score on the hole wins! Teams will be put together based on average scores. For those that have played the Big Hitters before, previous years scores will be used. For newbies, we request the scores from the five most recent rounds.