In 1997, a group of 10 good friends decided to get together to play a little golf. Off they went to Devil's Head Golf Resort in Baraboo, Wisconsin and little did they know the tradition they would start. Four rounds of golf, five-six cases of beer, a couple dozen lost golf balls, a HOLE IN ONE and 1 million references to the Dalai Lama from Caddyshack - and the Big Hitters Golf Outing was born (Big Hitter the Lama was..........).

Since then the Big Hitters Outing has had up to 36 players in a single year, moved the tournament to Gull Lake Golf Resort in Augusta, Michigan and developed the weekend into a full-fledged golf tournament. Our tournament includes three handicapped tournament rounds, a four man scramble and a two man alternate shot scramble. During this nearly 20 year run every event was played on all five courses offered by Gull Lake meaning in a single weekend you were not playing the same hole more than once! And every other year to coincide with the Ryder Cup we hold our own "Lager Cup". The players get split into teams and they play for the honor of their .. country? sometimes .. favorite beer manufacturer? if its Stroh's sure .. oh just forget it - they play for the honor of whatever team they are part of that year!!

The coveted prizes for the weekend include the winners Plaid Jacket, the Crystal Big Hitters Trophy and the Golden Hacker Award.